Want to Learn to Read and Write Chinese?

I often get asked about how to learn to read and write Chinese, and there is no easy answer.

However, my friend has just written a new book which will make my answer a lot easier in future.  Check it out at the link below to find out more information.  You will also see my appraisal of it.

The link is an affiliate link which means if you do decide to purchase it, you will help both myself and Aaron Posehn.

Have a lovely day.

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What’s the Deal with Taiwanese Mandarin and Chinese Mandarin?

What’s the Difference Between Taiwanese Mandarin
and Chinese Mandarin?

Fear not, the differences are minimal. As you can see from the title, they are the same language, although like in any place, you have regional dialects and in the case of China and parts of Taiwan, completely disparate languages.

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Numbers 11 to 99 in Chinese: Lesson 3 – Mandarin Made Easy

Episode 3 is finally here after a long hiatus.

I will teach you how to say the numbers from 11-99 in Mandarin Chinese

Apologies if the video and sound quality isn’t HD. For some reason it only uploaded in poor quality. I shall hopefully improve the quality of production as I make more.