Make-Up Tutorial

This lesson is for all you ladies, and i’m pretty sure the Gents will also take something away with them too.

Have you ever wanted to say what foundation or mascara was in Chinese? These things are possibly items that you use every day, and yet i’m guessing you don’t know the words for them.  Fear not, some of them I didn’t know either.

So join me in learning some words to describe putting on make-up, or you can just watch as my sister slowly abuses my face.

I just want to take a second to thank ChinesePod for giving me the opportunity to do what I love and share it with you guys. Check them out here if you want to find out what they’re all about 🙂

Lesson Notes Coming…




Chinese Slang (Feat. Iona Tian)

Today Is a slightly different style of video.  I had an impromptu Google Hangout with my younger sister, Iona.

During this chat we discussed the top 10 slang terms being used by kids in school and on the internet.

This is a bonus lesson, and I’ll continue making regular lessons for all those lower level students.

Let us know what you think. We made quite a lot of effort with this one, (especially those pesky subtitles)


Beginner 2This is probably 3/4 in Chinese, but i’ve written English subtitles so I think all you beginners should enjoy this lesson and practice your listening.


MME Int WP HeadeFor you Int-learners, you can enjoy this lesson with the subtitles on or off, and see how much you understand. Download the podcast if you want to practice your listening.


Adcanced 2 For all you advanced learners, you can just listen to the podcast, or try turning off the subtitles and see how much you understand of the Taiwanese youth culture.

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