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Pop a comment down below regarding a specific Mandarin Chinese question and I’ll try to answer as best I can either in writing or in a future video.

154 thoughts on “Ask Us A Question

  1. Hi Fiona,

    No ‘contact us’ link on your page, aside from a comment’s page?

    Your video’s are great, how would one take things further or sign up for tutoring? That’s assuming you have free time, considering how popular you seem to be 🙂


  2. sandy kho says:

    Hi Fiona,

    You are terrific. I am Australian/Taiwanese and have been watching your most educational and enjoyable videos. Easily the best that I have seen.

    Do offer any Taiwanese Taigi language lessons?


  3. Harry Darwand says:

    Hi Fiona,
    Firstly I would just like to say how great full I am for the content you upload. Not only are you excellent at how you teach but how you inspire and motivate at the same time which is absolutely fantastic. Please keep it up!
    I am 17 and have been learning languages for a couple of years now and I can speak 6 with varying degrees of fluency, some at a native level and others which I have just started with. You have really inspired me to share my experience on you tube. So for someone like me who is just starting out, what advice do you have?
    Once again, thank you so much for the effort you put in!

  4. Paul says:

    Hi Fi,

    I’ve been using your videos and other resources to learn Mandarin but now feel like I want to invest 1-2 weeks doing something intensive. Any thoughts on where there’s a good intensive course in Taiwan or China ?



  5. Leslie Pollard says:

    Hi Fi!
    I am adopting a little girl from China. Can you help me with some phrases that a parent might use? She’s almost 4. Maybe Questions like “are you hungry, sleepy, sad, thirsty?” “Do you need to use the bathroom, or what’s wrong?” I think it would be a good video series! China is a very popular place for adoptions and lots of parents could use your help.

  6. Grant says:

    Hi Fi,

    I am going to be an exchange student in Taiwan for a year and I leave in August. I really love your channel on YouTube and it has taught me a lot. I had already downloaded Anki and Pleco in order to study vocabulary. Anki has proven to be quite tedious in entering all of the words manually and aditionally there are no audio pronunciations with each word. Do you think that the flashcard system on Pleco (the paid version) is better than Anki? I have used Anki in the past for a few different languages, but Chinese is so much different. I was just wondering what your thoughts were on which app would be better because I am not sure how the SRS compares from both apps. Thank you for making your videos, they are quite a lifesaver for me.


  7. Ali says:

    Hi Fiona
    Love your videos … EPIC! 😱
    So I started testing out my mandarin with some Chinese university students , and I’m sure I’ve got the accent close enough , but they don’t understand until untranslated in English and then they’re like ohhh and I’m like I said that Ahha! What do I do ? Sad now lol!


  8. Rolando says:

    Hello Fiona!

    I saw in the FAQs section of this website that you are learning French. It would be great to see a video of you speaking/learning this language, just as a non-Mandarin little feature (although I’m sure you’d be able to make a connection :).

    • Kaze says:

      Don’t know what you mean exactly but if you mean traditional vs. simplified, it’s usually traditional.
      (Don’t quote me on that 😉 )

  9. kaiyi says:

    Hi Fiona, love your videos! Remember the video where you talked about yourself? You mentioned a taiwanese tv show that you are currently watching, what is the name of that show? cuz i love watching taiwanese drama shows and it helps me to improve my chinese a lot. 😉

  10. Aryo says:

    Hi, I just wanted to know if people in Taiwan speak more or less the same Mandarin? I mean ,if you compare Taiwan Mandarin in TV shows etc. and the Mandarin spoken in real life, is there a big difference? For example several dialects with different ways of pronunciation? Or speak all people more or less a standard Taiwan Mandarin that doesn’t have much variation?

  11. Hi Fi,

    I have a business proposal for you. I am looking for a Mandarin speaking person who can talk about a new business that I have started and think that you could be the person. This is a paid position and would not take up much of your time. Please email for further directions if interested and we can go from there.



  12. markng says:

    Hi Fiona. Thank you from Toronto, Canada for the wonderful resource that is MandarinMadeEZ. Just wondering if the 4 tones in Mandarin correspond to any of the 6? tones in Cantonese? I am trying to learn Mandarin with some basic Cantonese ability, and knowing this may help. Cheers – I appreciate all the time you’ve invested in your videos and other resources.

  13. I hope besides teaching mandarin you can teach Chinese people some English. Due to the tremendous population of China, it means a bigger market. I think if you could make some episodes and post on Youku, you will become quite popular in China

  14. nataphon says:

    你好Fiona I want to ask you about chinese word. 鼻塞 is bisai or bise . I watch your video you said bisai but I look for this word(bisai) I cann’t see it .thank you for your is very useful and help me a lot.

    • Thanks for tue support. Yeah its an HSK3 word for match or competition.

      zúqiú bǐsài
      football match

      zìxíngchē bǐsài
      bicycle race

      shèjī bǐsài
      shooting contest

      xiàngqí bǐsài
      chess tournament

  15. Tapp says:

    Hi Fi!
    I have a question. Basically, I know some Chinese words (more than 500), but I just found recently that my tones and pronunciation are very bad. Is there a way to improve my tones?

      • Tapp says:

        Hi Fiona, Thank you for your response.

        I’ll try to use tone colour coordination for my jumbled words.
        Unfortunately, my pronunciation is another problem. I’m not sure if my bad pronunciation of tones was due to change of regions (Beijing-like Mandarin to Taiwanese Mandarin). Is there a good application or website I could use for speaking practice, something with the standards of Standard Taiwanese Mandarin or a way to get used to the differences of pronunciation of both styles of Mandarin?

        Thank you Fi!

  16. Through you teachings lessons, while teaching Chinese, I suggest you tackle some today current topics upon the environment, the food safety, the pollution that are worrying expats and Chinese in mainland china. Because, you are living in Taiwan, you can do it freely, with a strong voice. By then, you will be very successful. Among them, one topic, “Is ebola coming in China ?” Here as following, my comment :

  17. beniel09 says:

    hey fiona’

    Great video btw and it’s very informative, i just wanna ask you something. what do you think of ? (check out shaolan’s video, even on ted talks)

    im just starting to learn mandarin and i saw her way of teaching, seems pretty cool QQ

    just wanna hear your thoughts’ ^^ thanks!!

    • I think they are great for when you are just beginning, but the approach is limited beyond very basic characters, and she cherry picks characters that look like the actual thing. If you do this for every character, you will soon get confused. Check out Hacking Chinese for better mnemonic strategies. Having said that, they are a great gift (I have given my friends her book), and great for people who want to begin learning Chinese or appreciate good design.

  18. pieter says:

    Hi Fiona
    Please how should i go about improving my chinese can read some characters and count and write 45 characters how else to improve please

  19. Amanda says:

    Hey Fiona,
    What does “èr” mean? (It’s in the sentence “Jiu yuè shí èr rì”) I was able to find all of the other words, but I’m not sure about that one. Thanks!

  20. Hi Fiona,
    Your teaching lessons are pretty funny with a great sense of humor, derision and self-mockery that reveal a whole part of your life.
    A question : for what reasons you bear the name of Fiona ?
    Is it your real name or an assumed western name ?
    In the latter case, which your Chinese name ?
    As a general rule, in China, in a way to disappear into the crowd and go on their merry way, western people take a Chinese name.
    Best wishes,

  21. Dave says:

    Hi Fiona. I enjoy your videos but I agree with Sebastien Od. We need some simple reading material as well as you excellent videos. I have a few children’s books, but I would like some stories for grown-ups but written with simple vocabulary.

    ps – my Grandson loves liang zhi lao hu!

      • Seb Odds says:

        Hi Fiona, Thank you for your response and for sharing your thoughts. Those look great. Maybe a bit too advanced at first but certainly a great challenge. I particularly like the idea of comic strips/graphic novels where the pictures can guide one’s interpretation of the text. Thanks again.

  22. Sebastien Od says:

    Hi Fiona, I really enjoy your videos. I was wondering if you were to create some writing materials in the future. I would like to also learn to read Chinese and I was desperately trying to find easy to read stories with basic/progressive vocabulary. It would be great to have a little periodic magazine in English and Chinese to get into written Chinese. I already have a few books on Chinese characters but it would be great to see them in context. If you do not intend to post written materials such as the ones I described, do you happen to know where I could find that? Thank you and keep up the good work! Sebastien

  23. Hairui says:

    Hi —
    I want to share a story. My 2 1/2 year old loves the Liang zhi Laohu video. The other day, she was teaching her stuffed animal to sing it, just like you do in the video: “Now Hop-hop, I am going to hum and you try to sing along.” It was so cute. Thanks for a making a video just for kids!

  24. Barry says:

    你好Fionia! 我四年了学习 汉语 可是 我的 听力得 很不好。 我怎么改进听力?请问可以给我 劝告吗?谢谢


    PS: I really enjoy your vids!

  25. T says:

    Hi, Fiona
    I ve followed your video for a while. The content is very helpful. The presentation way of you and your sister are really interesting. I just want to suggest a topic “go to see the dentist”

  26. Robert says:

    Hi Fiona, really enjoying your videos. i have lived in Beijing for 2 years now, and I’ve got a pretty full-on work schedule, so I don’t get to focus on learning mandarin as much as I would want to. Your videos are very clear and informative,and really give me some good tips to get by while I’m here. There’s one thing, it sounds silly, but I still don’t know how to exactly say the “R” sound, some chinese people I know say “Sj” like the Sia in Asia, or others say it with pronouncing it more like the normal “r” that you use for “row/rowing boat”. for example, is it yang-ROW chuanr, or is it yan-sjou chuar. If my ramble makes any sense, any better explanation from you would be appreciated! Keep up the good work!!!

  27. Diana says:

    Hi Fiona! Enjoying your videos! A technical question here – menu “Videos”>>”higher levels” and menu “Advanced” contain the same three videos: “Game of Thrones”, “Chinese doctor” and “Taiwanese slang” (which are awesome!) – is this supposed to be like this? The same videos in two different menus? or some Intermediary videos are missing? I was expecting intermediary lessons under the “Higher levels” category, then found there three videos from the “Advanced” level. Then thought I clicked smth. wrongly. Then was clinking back and forth for the while until I was sure that there are really the same videos. Waiting for the new stuff to come as I have drilled through all the videos just within few days! How did It even happened? haha :))))) 谢谢您的教学工作!您的教师方法好可爱:)))

    • Thanks for letting me know. I just removed that extra menu option. I have now categorised them into Beginner and Higher Levels, although the way I try and teach means that you should be able to watch higher levels even if you are a beginner. As I make more content I will get more categories, so for now I would just check through the lessons on the main page.

  28. ken says:

    Fiona, at what age did your parents start making you speak different languages to each person? You said in one of your videos you had to speak Mandarin to your mom and English to your dad. My wife and I have a 3 year old daughter and my wife is a native Thai speaker. We’ve been mainly speaking English with her but would like to start with a similar method as your parents did.


    • Thanks for the question. They did it from the very beginning and continued for the whole of my life. My mum would only use English if she wanted to shout at me in front of my father to make a point. I have always had to switch between the two languages so i’m good at code switching, whereas other bilingual people struggle sometimes because there was not this rule from a very young age. Good luck with trying this method.

  29. Hi Fiona! Is it possible to do podcasts in entirely mandarin? Or do you know what websites have them? I think its good for those who want to learn mandarin, but isn’t surrounded by people who speak the language – as more exposure is one the key things to learning a language! Thanks!

  30. Justine says:

    Hello !
    I will ne an exchange student in Taïwan the next School year (with Rotary) and I’ll be in host families. So I’d like to know some basics to speak with them on their everyday life (must I do the clothes washing, set the table…).
    Then could you give me some advices to be “normal” with my classmates in High School (for the beginning)?
    Thank you for your answer and hope I will see you in Taiwan. 🙂

  31. Henry Knapper says:

    Hi Fiona! I don’t know if you had this planned but perhaps you could do a vocabulary lesson on colours? 🙂

  32. Rob says:

    Hi Fiona, I live in Beijing, and I find your videos really helpful. Do you give mandarin lessons on Skype for someone who wants to learn more quickly? I would be interested in any details if available. thanks!

  33. Llama123 says:

    老师好! I was wondering if you could go over the English articles in Chinese e.g “for”, “about”, “with”. 谢谢你!

  34. THD says:

    Hey Fiona, love all the videos! Could you do a video for situations at a restaurant? ie ordering food, the main chinese dishes ie duck, chicken, beef, pork etc and cutlery? thanks T.

  35. Colin Banks says:

    Hi Fiona. I have to say i love your charismatic teaching method. It keeps me interested. I am a submarinerr and have chosen to try and learn mandarin on my off watches using a certain language ‘listen and repeat’ type programe. It is okay but it doesn’t me too interested. I don’t have the luxury of the internet while i am at sea so i can’twatch your videos, so can you recommend any films i can download, prior to me going to sea? Ps do you make DVD’s?

    Thanks and keep up the good work

    Love yooooooooohoooooo!!!!!!

  36. Alex says:

    Hi Fiona! i like to thank you first for teaching us Chinese your a great teacher! I love that you can relate to us since you are very familiar with the western culture. I believe you have the ability to teach you kinda remind of Yang Yang in the way you explain:D I think i’m at intermediate level as of now but I would love to see you make some videos about daily life situations like when you go to the store at the Chinese market or ordering food on the phone.

    Well thanks again! Keep it up!

    – Alex (Daxuesheng)

    • Thanks Alex. I’ve been meaning to do some situational ones but the weathers been a bit awful recently. Soon I’ll be doing this full time so I’ll have much more time to work on this project.

  37. Galaxy says:

    Hi !
    i’m one of China and Taiwan lovers. i really like your Videos i just need to know the grammar in Mandarin and Family characters and Rooms names and Animals … etc.
    if i know that i will know 5 lang and i’m really love to be Smart.

    i think you thinking on my Age becuze it’s Impossible that someone have only 13 year know all this lang (Mandarin _ Arabic _ English _ France _ Indian )

  38. Matt Ralph says:

    HI Fiona, like your videos!
    I’m thinking about coming to Taiwan to work as an English teacher but all the jobs I find online are in Elementary school with younger children. I would prefer to work with high school children. Do you know any websites that I could look at or any other places that you think might be useful? Thanks 🙂

    • Most of the teaching jobs are for younger children but I know that Kojen has an adult department who teach adults and business people. There are lots of forums like tealit that might be able to help you more.

  39. Hi Fi, this is totally unrelated (kinda), but I am coming on a holiday to Taiwan with my husband in July, just for one week! I wondered if you had any suggestions on what we can do in that short time OR if you can recommend a website or travel agent where I could get some good advice?
    I stumbled across your videos because I thought I should try and brush up on some mandarin before our trip, however I am a beginner and have only mastered the numbers and a few greetings. Your vids are great!

    • No not to my knowledge. There are only a few noises in mandarin, and a handful of tricky ones, but you can learn the actual noises quite easily. The tones are the hard part, and the characters.

  40. Eliza says:

    Hi Fi,

    I am SO happy to have found your videos! I am moving to China this summer and the extent of my Mandarin is what I’ve learned from you. Your videos and explanations are very practical, instructive, and ENJOYABLE. Thank you so much for doing this!

    As a beginner, I am wondering if it is practical to learn the alphabet? Like we learn/teach the alphabet in the US, to learn the sound of each letter. I think that would be super helpful, especially with consonants like “x” and “y” and “w.” Also… vowel blends seem quite a bit more complex than in English. Is there any insight you can give me into this? I realize its a pretty “beginner” concept, but would SO greatly appreciate these basics.

    Again, thank you for what you do!


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