FAQ : How I learnt Mandarin

I often get asked how I learnt Chinese growing up, or what my background is, so in today’s video i’m gonna tell you.

混血兒/混血儿 Hùnxiě’er mixed race
小學/小学 xiǎoxué primary school
國中/国中 guó zhōng junior high school
幼稚園/幼稚園 yòuzhìyuán kindergarden


8 thoughts on “FAQ : How I learnt Mandarin

  1. Obryan says:

    We live in Canada, my daughter who is seven years old is learning Chinese mandarin,we are learning in Hanbridge Mandarin school online. their Chinese course for kids is designed for Children from 3 to 9 years old. They have experienced teachers provide students with teaching in all four main areas of language learning: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This online kids Chinese course helps children learn Chinese via playing games, video and songs, discussing fun topics. their  kids’ Chinese courses for are split into 4 different levels, ranging from Beginner to Advanced.
    I hope this can give you some help 

  2. pretzellogic says:

    It’s funny, but Fiona doesn’t seem to really have an American accent to me (and I’m an American). Plus, not that many Americans give their kids names like Fiona (nice British name if you ask me). So when Fiona mentioned Scotland, I wasn’t surprised. Funny too, after she mentioned Scotland, she started sounding more like Sean Connery 🙂

  3. Anthony says:

    Fiona, I like this video. It helps to show just how much language is a life-long learning process. I am going to share this with my 8yr old daughter. She is chinese but just starting to learn Mandarin. We adopted her at 15months. Mandarinmadeez will be a good supplement to her tutoring. I have been studying for a few years but my daughter is just getting more interested now. When we went to China earlier this year for vacation it was funny that if I didn’t understand something people would look to her to translate. She would just throw up her hands – one of these days we both will be able to have great conversations in mandarin – but it will be a lifetime of fun learning. Thanks!

  4. Beverly Skiles says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your video. You seem very enthusiastic . Would you by any chance know Brad Skiles. Your name seems so familiar. I am his mom. He so enjoyed coming back to Taiwan this summer. We had friends in Thailand and the father spoke to them in Thai, the mother spoke to them in English and they went to school in Mandarin I think. Very neat.God bless Bev. Skiles

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