Gas Explosion in Kaohsiung!

Host on Important Chinese Things with Jenny Zhu. In this weeks episode we discuss what’s been happening in the news including the gas explosions, corruption, and ghost month.

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Words used in the show:

食品安全 shí pǐn ān quán: food safety
供货商 gonghuoshang supplier

飞机失事 fēi jī shī shì: plane crash
高雄 gāo xióng: [city name, located in southern Taiwan]
瓦斯爆炸 wǎ sī bào zhà: gas explosion
下台 xià tái: step down or downfall
政治局 zhèng zhì jú: Politburo
方便面 fāng biàn miàn: instant noodles
网警 wǎng jǐng: internet police
防火墙 fáng huǒ qiáng: firewall
被墙 bèi qiáng: censored
魄力 pò lì: courage, prowess
爆料 bào liào: to exporse or reveal
做秀 zuò xiù: publicity stunt
贪污 tān wū: corruption
中元节 zhōng yuán jié: Ghost Festival
鬼月 guǐ yuè: ghost month
拜 bài: to worship
纸钱 zhǐ qián: paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead
迷信 mí xìn: superstition
习俗 xí sú: custom; tradition

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2 thoughts on “Gas Explosion in Kaohsiung!

  1. 普拉迪普 says:

    You are doing a great job. You teach words one does not find in regular teaching materials, yet they are very practical and useful..Keep it up

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