4 thoughts on “MME Update Sep 30th

  1. john Eberhard says:

    Hi Fiona, I just moved to Shanghai a week ago and began my Chinese lessons. In fact I had my first lesson today. I just came across your site and found you have a really cool way of teaching language. And you have great eyes so that keeps me paying attention. Thanks for the lessons. Keep em coming.

  2. Sherelle says:

    Hi I am so glad that I stumbled upon your site. I have only recently begun to learn mandating and would love for you to go over the pronunciations of the initials esp zh sh ch and r……. they are so hard for me! Thanks

  3. A. Ferreira says:

    Fiona, you are so beautiful !! I think this mixture of Scotish with Chinese DNA is the perfect recipe for this amazing look of yours…. I am enjoying your Mandarin videos too! I’ve been learning Mandarin for myself on the internet and now your videos are part of my learning experience. Please keep posting. Have a good 2014! 新年好!
    Fiona 是最可爱的中文老师.

  4. Thiago says:

    Hello FI I’m From Brazil i speak a litlle bit english and now i’m trying to learn mandarim, i just want you to know that i love all of your lessons and i can’t wait for the next.Congratulatios!!!!!!

    Very good,

    Thiago H.

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